How Teacher Jodi uses IPEVO bundle (5 PadPillow Lite and 3 IPEVO Notebooks) in the classroom

Jodi SchorrPivik Elementary
Plum, PA
Feb 10, 2016
Thank you very much for selecting our class to receive the January Wishpool! The PadPillow Lite has allowed my students to transform their iPads into a manageable workspace when paired with our wireless keyboards. Previously they have had to hold the iPad in their laps while typing with the keyboard on the table, or prop the iPads up with stacks of books. With the PadPillow Lite, they can now type with the keyboard with ease and not worry about how they will hold the iPad. They were very excited to hear that you selected us for the Wishpool and are thankful for this valuable tool for our classroom. Thank you IPEVO for making sensible solutions for classrooms and providing teachers with a chance to obtain these resources through your Wishpool program!