How Teacher Roslyn uses Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera in the classroom

Roslyn WrightA. C. Moore Elementary School
Columbia, SC
Nov 11, 2015
When I didn’t get an email, I was disappointed. But then last week when I had to take some students to the office because their daycare van didn’t come to pick them up one of the secretaries said, “You have a box that’s been sitting here for awhile.” You cannot imagine the surprise and shock and appreciation and excitement that came as a result of that “little box”!

That camera is used every day, almost all throughout the day. I use it to show worksheets or problems that I have a hard copy of but didn’t want to have to make a copy for each person. In the past, I’d have to scan it into my phone and then email it to myself so that I could bring it up on the board for the class to see. Now the documents are just a click away!

I said in my request that I wouldn’t be the only one to use it, but that the students would use it as well. We do Sudoku at the beginning of class to get the students into a problem-solving mindset. One girl used the document camera to show the students her answers and explain her reasoning. In the past, I would have to have the child actually take the time to solve it again for the class. Another child used the camera to show her sentence. The students were to write a sentence that showed they understood the definition for the word grouchy. When the class didn’t understand what the student read, she used the camera to project it on the board. Then the students were able to discuss her sentence and help her revise it. In Language Arts, the students made picture flip books for a story we read. A student was able to use the camera to show his pictures and narrate his version of the story. So now my students can share their work with just one click as well!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you chose me and my students! They love it. I love it. We thank you from the bottom, top, and all the sides of our hearts!