How Teacher Stefanie uses Ziggi USB Document Camera in the classroom

Stefanie JakuszBrodnicki School
Justice, IL
Mar 1, 2013
Thanks IPEVO!! My class loves the Ziggi USB Document Camera! We received the camera about a week ago and we have already gotten an incredible amount of use out of it! We use this camera throughout our daily activities and since we started using it our days have run so much smoother. Kindergarteners rely so much on visuals and now I am able to show them all examples simultaneously.

We use the camera each morning when we complete our morning journal entries. We use it during writing time to create class idea webs and to write and correct sentences together. During math we use the camera to project an example of the workpages we are completing as well as manipulatives so the entire class has a chance to visualize the concept. The camera helps in both literacy and math when showing correct letter and number formations. We used our camera yesterday to help reproduce our February weather graph! In the past, I have put our class graph on the chalkboard and the students walked back and forth, over and over, trying to reproduce their own graphs. With the camera in place, the students were able to complete their own graphs more efficiently since they could see our class graph from the comfort of their own seat.

We cannot thank you enough for our Ziggi camera! I cannot wait to see what else we can do with it in the months to come.