How Teacher Patty uses IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in the classroom

Patty SprenkelAmboy Middle School
Amboy, WA
Apr 16, 2014
My class LOVES to use the Interactive Whiteboard System! They really enjoy taking an active role in their learning and are proud of the fact that they can "show what they know!" By far, the "coolest" way that we have used the Interactive Whiteboard System was when several of my students gave interactive science presentations to the rest of the class. Instead of standing in front of the classroom while struggling to read through their report, my students were able to incorporate a wide variety of multimedia supports (including recording their own voices) to create some wonderful presentations.

Not only were they able to clearly demonstrate what they had learned, but they also succeeded in making the information accessible to their fellow classmates! This is a fantastic product that I can see us using for many years to come. Thank you so much IPEVO!