How Teacher Dan uses P2V USB Document Camera & Microscope Adapter for P2V USB Document Camera in the classroom

Dan GibsonTri-Creek School Corporation
Lowell, IN
Apr 1, 2014
Over the last few months, my IPEVO P2V USB Document Camera & Microscope Adapter Kit has been an indispensable instructional tool. Since receiving this from the iPevo Wishpool, I have almost destroyed my document camera because of how often I use the device and how mobile it is. Regardless of my overuse of the P2V, the doc camera carries on like an indestructible super soldier. I travel between three elementary schools and use/lend the the P2V document camera on a daily basis. Because of this, I had to include multiple images on how I have used these tools.

As show with the cheek smear image, I have used the device to connect to microscopes and display images within a variety of classrooms. This was one of the easiest ways to display an image from a microscope to the whole class. Many students have a difficult time focusing a microscope image and it worked well for demonstrating how to focus as well as what the image should look like. In one of the images posted here, a student was demonstrating how to focus a microscope for her classmates. The P2V has come in handy when demonstrating how to use different iPad or iPhone apps to teachers, while in after school professional development trainings. And the IPEVO is just fun to use for taking interesting photos that I have used for my own stock photography to use on my blog or for presentations. But, my favorite use of the P2V camera so far was when students used the IPEVO's microscope image for the background of a plant video they created. The image provided here shows students in the middle of this report report, which was filmed in front of a green screen and the P2V image was superimposed after filming. Currently, students are drawing scenes for a short film, which the P2V will take pictures of and the students will use the images for the backdrop of their short film. I'm excited about what we can come up with next.

So, thank you IPEVO for making my wish come true. My students, colleagues, and I appreciate your generosity.