How Teacher Sayers uses USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously in the classroom

SayersLowell Middle School
Lowell, IN
Mar 2, 2014
Ipevo you have been a lifesaver with the USB SuperCharger. We got our first set of iPads and I didn't realize how challenging it would be to keep them charged because it always seems to be if one is dead they are all almost dead. Students don't let me know when it warns them of low battery & they can't work anymore when the iPad or iPod when it dies - they would have to wait till the next week's class. Once we got the USB SuperCharger they can keep on creating and if need be I can create an iPad station. Students can sit and work; not stand at the cabinet by the wall outlet while the iPad charges. Multiple classes could work on the iPad without me worrying about when I need to charge it.

This is almost like having a charging cart, but it takes up a whole lot less room!, Thanks again Ipevo!