How Teacher Beckie uses IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in the classroom

Summit, MS
Dec 1, 2013
I (we) appreciate you granting our wish for the IPEVO-IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard. We love it!!! The students or myself have used it daily since we received it. We have used it to play games, practice our handwriting, write group stories, and they love to just create free drawings. If I don't use it they remind me to use my "magic pen". It was so easy to install and put to use. It goes great with our IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera. IPEVO has innovative products, that are easy to use and THEY support education and technology in our schools.

The next product I hope to purchase or receive is the USB Supercharger!

Thank you so very much!!!!

Beckie Nieman and her 24 Kindergartners