How Teacher Sarah uses Ziggi USB Document Camera in the classroom

Sarah MclintockOkehampton College
Okehampton, United Kingdom
Nov 14, 2013
I have used the Ziggi USB Doc Cam for all manner of things, including practicals, explaining complex concepts to students, showing really small things to the whole class and using it to evidence students work in the lesson.

It has made many practicals accessible to students, and stops the crush to get to the front bench to see the practical or instructions by the WHOLE class as those at the back can simply watch the screen. This saves my voice and limits the risk to students at the front.

It is so simple to use, the functionality is minimal but effective and the Ziggi focuses fine every time. Here is a pic of one of my colleagues using it to demo finger print taking during our forensics day.

The only issue I have is under lower light conditions when the image can become grainy. As my desk is next to the projector, I don't tend to have the front lights turned on so it would benefit from a built in lamp, but a desk lamp has to do for now.

Many thanks again for the gift, I have now taken it to my new school and everyone is very envious...I have been sharing, but miss not having in my room when I do.