How Teacher Amanda uses P2V USB Document Camera & Microscope Adapter for P2V USB Document Camera in the classroom

Amanda HaskinsOak Hill Elementary
Lowell, IN
Oct 8, 2013
I love my new IPEVO! I used the IPEVO and the Microscope Adapter today for our science unit. We were learning about compost, the decomposers, and how composting is great for our Earth. This equipment helped my students better understand the whole concept. It also allowed them to identify the decomposers and other matter in the compost. It helped the students to see how the decomposers move and function together too. This device enabled me to provide pictures and the actual microscopic live views of the compost.
In the future, the Microscope Adapter Set will also allow me to teach my students more about the life cycles of plants and animals for science. It will give them the chance to look at plant parts up close and to better understand about microscopic subject matter. They can then use the information gained from this adapter set to create other projects from their personal level of understanding. I think this piece of equipment is be a fabulous addition to our classroom and a wonderful learning tool to aide my students throughout the year! Thank you so much!