How Teacher Sandra uses P2V USB Document Camera & Microscope Adapter for P2V USB Document Camera in the classroom

Sandra HoolihanGuardian Angels Catholic School
Clearwater, FL
Sep 25, 2013
I asked for this wish to help my students to view microscope slides during science class. The photo submitted shows a microscope slide of an ant projected with the document camera. I have used the document camera in so many other ways. I project student work, worksheets, and pages out of textbooks onto my board for the students to see. The document camera became very useful during our recent unit on Place Value. I was able to place manipulatives under the camera and have students observe and duplicate my actions in small groups. It was easy to set up, is lightweight and a great addition to the classroom. Thanks so much for granting my wish. I have told my fellow teachers about your product! - Sandra Hoolihan