How Teacher Norbert uses X1-N6 Internet Conference Station in the classroom

Norbert StachelIconic Music Academy
New York, NY
May 7, 2013
We are still in development and testing mode with our online school, but I've been using the IPEVO X1-N6 Internet Conference Station for daily meetings with Iconic Music Academy's creator and our teachers around the world. The beauty of this device is that I can be anywhere in the room, away from the computer, and we can all still hear each other great during the daily meetings. Once we're up and running, it will definitely be a must for all of our music teachers to be able to move freely in their teaching environment, without sacrificing audibility. This will be especially useful when our teachers conduct online web multi student master classes, but with several students also being present in classrooms in different locations worldwide. This device simplifies and solves the problems of having to transport large, cumbersome, heavy audio equipment from location to location. and also shortens the set up time for preparing for each class. We will eventually order these for all of our teachers at Iconic Music Academy. Thank you so much for your innovations, IPEVO!