How Teacher Crystal uses IPEVO Bundle (1 IPEVO USB SuperCharger and 5 IPEVO Notebooks) in the classroom

Crystal HayTurkeyfoot Valley Area School District
Confluence, PA
Jan 28, 2020
I expected my students to enjoy having a handy charging station available during class - but I did not foresee how much it would be in demand or be sought out during other class periods! I have students rushing to class to get the "best charger", and others popping by during other periods to ask if they can plug in for a little while, if I have a free spot for them. There are a variety of devices using the charger as well; some are school issued, but some are the ubiquitous phones that they aren't allowed to use but always seem to have handy anyhow. When they plug into my charging station, the cell phones are NOT in their hands - fringe benefit!

We also received, as part of this bundle, five IPEVO Notebooks. I had a new student to add to my group of independent study art students, and handed him one of these notebooks for his class journal/sketchbook. Instantly, the other two were jealous, so I gave them one as well, They were excited to start drawing in them, appreciating the nice weight of the paper and the ability to lay flat when open, and even the cover texture inviting drawing on. I hope you can see how AK drew her favorite animal - an opossum - on the front cover in colored pencil, in the center of our enclosed photo.
Thank you for this nice extra perk for these students!