How Teacher Jennifer uses IPEVO Bundle (2 IPEVO PadPillow Stands - Lemongrass and 5 IPEVO Notebooks) in the classroom

Jennifer EngelhardtNew Oxford High School
New Oxford, PA
Jan 28, 2020
My students have thoroughly enjoyed using the IPEVO pillows and notebooks! I have allowed the students to use the lap pillows when working on their iPads and even when they are just listening to music or watching videos on their iPads. The kids actually "fight" over the lap pillows, so I have to tell them who may use them each day. I love how they are easy to store in my cabinet bc they fold up so easily. The students also love to lay on their bellies and let the lap pillow hold their iPad upright for them.

I am hoping to get more of the flat notebooks to use for my Housing and Interior Design class! I was planning to have each student receive one flat opening journal at the start of the course. They will use the journal over the course of the entire semester. We will start with pasting pictures of our (realistic) dream houses in the journals. We will continue along with the units placing ideas and swatches and notes in our journals as we cover each unit. For example, when we get to the walls unit, we can paste in paint cards that we would choose for each room in our dream house. For the flooring unit, we will either cutout images, or print out images of our favorite types of flooring and the appropriate choice for each room in our dream house. We will be able to paste in our blue prints, our class notes, and our dream house choices for the entire home, inside and out! By the end of the course, the students will have a beautiful portfolio showing what they learned and what they hope to someday have as their home in the future!

Thank you again for these items! We are so grateful!

Jennifer Engelhardt