How Teacher Leann uses IPEVO Bundle (2 IPEVO PadPillow Stands - Lemongrass and 5 IPEVO Notebooks) in the classroom

Leann IacuoneMartin Luther King High School
Riverside, CA
Dec 22, 2019
Thank you so much for this magnificent gift. The pillows are just what my students needed. I wish I could get more! Students are able to read from their StudySync website, review material and work on their phones without hurting their wrists.

As students become more and more attached to their cell phones I hear them talk about their wrist hurting and more and more lay them on the table flat. I can only imagine the future adults we will have with carpal tunnel syndrome or the neck problems are kids will have in the future from craning their necks over their phones on the table.

These pillows give me hope they will start thinking more about ergonomically correct posture and start considering better ways to use their phones. Thank you for helping me teach them about these considerations as young adults.