How Teacher Jolena uses IPEVO VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera in the classroom

Jolena McFarlandArmstrong High School
Kittanning, PA
Dec 17, 2019
The IPEVO Wireless Document Camera has greatly enhanced my teaching. I do not have a demonstration cart with a built in burner, which makes it difficult to show my students the differences between rolling boil, boil, simmer, etc. Now, with the help of an extra long HDMI cord, I am now able to set the document camera next to my stove for class cooking demonstrations during my Food & Nutrition and Culinary Arts Classes. Rather than removing demonstrations from my stove top and placing them on the demonstration cart, I know can just set the camera next to my range and show the students exactly what is happening during the cooking processes. This is extremely helpful during my sugar labs where the boiling of the sugar changes colors. My students and myself are always finding new ways to use the document camera. It has been invaluable during my Child Development classes also and especially during our on site Preschool run by my advanced Child Development Classes. This document camera has been very useful for students and myself to make our lesson plans more interactive and demonstrative. The high school as well as the preschool students both love seeing their work featured on the smart board. Thank you for your generous donation.

Pictures below show my first demonstration of Yeast Proofing Using the Document Camera