How Teacher Scott uses WS-01 Wireless Station for iPad and USB Document Cameras in the classroom

Scott KeltnerEudora High School
Eudora, KS
Mar 18, 2013
What timing! My WS-01 arrived from Wishpool over lunch on Pi Day! I had been using my IPEVO P2V document camera to demonstrate our activity that day, but was able to learn the ins and outs of the WS-01 over my lunch break so that I was able to use it with the IPEVO Whiteboard app for my afternoon classes.

We blew bubbles in dish soap and measured their diameter and circumference to assemble a line of best fit so students could see where the number value for Pi comes from. Students were able to watch on group's example using the IPEVO P2V on the projector, rather than have all students huddle closely around one group and cause all sorts of interference. Students were intrigued about the WS-01 and how it worked, with several students who are also in a Photography class quickly noticing and liking the SD card slot that would work easily with iPad to show their photos in class. A couple of coaches came by that afternoon as well and like the potential it holds for their activities and offering feedback to students using the Whiteboard app.

All in all, these IPEVO products increased the understanding, efficiency, and participation of my students and made this Pi Day lesson one they will remember. I look forward to showing off this new resource in a future professional development opportunity in my building, since I received an email from my principal for people to show off apps they use on iPad that have worked well in their classes.

Thank you, IPEVO Wishpool for granting my wish!