How Teacher Rebecca uses Coffee eGift Card in the classroom

Rebecca ObergRoosevelt High School
Minneapolis, MN
Oct 4, 2019
This gift card allowed me to purchase products that will make my restorative and leadership circles with students and staff more powerful. One key element of restorative circles is "breaking bread" after the circle is concluded, which really helps build community and relationships. In the past, I have purchased beverages for this portion of restorative circles with my own money, and having this gift card has been really helpful in that I could use outside funding to buy those products. The generosity of the gift card, $50, allowed me to purchase regular coffee for my restorative circles with staff and decaf coffee for my restorative/leadership circles with students (the students that I work with in my current circles comprise the 10th grade students at my school with the lowest GPA). The "breaking bread" portion of time after the circle has really been improved by this gift. Thank you so much!