How Teacher Marina uses V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera in the classroom

Marina FarnsworthNeil Hafley Elementary
Manteca, CA
Aug 25, 2019
I used to have an old document camera that wouldn't focus on a document right away and my students couldn't easily follow my explanation when I was using it. Clarity and speed just were not there. It was simply outdated. I reached out to IPEVO Wishpool since funds are so scarce in our school district and my wish was granted. I received a V4K Ultra Definition USP Document Camera that features an 8-megapixel camera and my life as a teacher who uses document camera on a regular basis became a breeze.
This entry model offers astonishing high definition resolutions and allows capturing every single detail of my materials that are being projected on my whiteboard. We all love the clarity and this is definitely a must! This V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera also allows for live presentations and book/text scanning. We haven't used the camera with QR codes yet, so this is another feature we will be exploring soon. Thank you again for granting my wish. With very limited resources in our school district, this is a huge help with a powerful technology that I use on a regular basis.