How Teacher Marina uses IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System in the classroom

Marina FarnsworthNeil Hafley Elementary
Manteca, CA
Aug 21, 2019
My students and I are very grateful to get IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System. My goal was to get my students engaged in their learning and this is exactly what this Whiteboard Interactive System does for us. My students look forward to activities that involve using a special pen that came with the system and are more eager to learn. My students love choosing their own colors of the pen when they come to the front to answer the question or being a teacher for the part of the lesson. This Whiteboard Interactive system gives them a feeling of being a part of their own learning which definitely hits my goal. Their participation level went up and I am looking forward to seeing the results when we start testing upon completion of our unit. Thank you so much for creating this powerful educational tool and making dreams of teachers like me come true!