How Teacher Kimberly uses IPEVO VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera in the classroom

Kimberly BarnettWest Shamokin Jr Sr High School
Rural Valley, PA
May 3, 2019
Thank you for granting my wish for the IPEVO VZ-X Wireless Document Camera! It took a while for us to get this camera up and running and we are still trying to figure out a solution for the WI-FI capabilities but the difference this camera has made in our classroom is amazing!

Using the camera connected to the computer by the USB cord, I have personally used the camera to record demonstrations to post on-line for students to be able to view at any time. I have also used the camera to record videos for my cyber-school classes so that the students have the view and feel of being in the classroom while learning new techniques and information.

This camera has such maneuverability, even when attached to the computer, that I can project larger projects during demonstrations so the students can view the entire work area set up and the entire work at once.

My students have used the camera in class to demonstrate their own creative processes and techniques, as well as to team up and instruct their classmates on the demonstrations and research behind their concepts. In the photos provided, two students worked together to describe one of the forms of fossilization. One student discussed the characteristics and processes of fossilization while the other student demonstrated his technique of using plaster and carving tools to create a replica of a fossil!

Next, we hope to get a chance to experiment with the stop-motion feature and to create some animation!

Thanks to this camera, my students are even more engaged in the entire learning process! We can't thank you enough for this most generous gift!