How Teacher Bre uses LED desk lamp + 1 packet (10pcs) of dry erase pocket sleeves with mini cleaners and black markers in the classroom

Bre DoyleOcean Drive Elementary
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Dec 7, 2018
I am loving this gift! Just like many teachers, I get to work early. So early that the sun is not up most of the time. My classroom lights are on a movement timer, so in the mornings it cuts off every few minutes. This lamp is great so I don't have to keep walking around to turn my class lights back on. I can just turn my lamp on and continue with my work. The pocket sleeves and marker sets are working great in my math stations! The kids are able to answer problems, erase it, and it's ready for the next group. It's saving me so many copies! Thank you so much for donating these items to my classroom!!