How Teacher Faith uses PadPillow Lite - pillow stand for iPad mini, ebook readers and tablets 7 in the classroom

Faith BenchBraden River Middle School
Bradenton, FL
Apr 26, 2018
This mini iPad pillow is adorable! The magnets to keep it closed are a nice touch.
My students are so excited when it is their turn to use the PadPillow for their assignments and homework! The PadPillow is so well-made, soft, and comfortable. It helps reduce the strain on their neck, back, and eyes and enables the students to get settled in and comfortable when working on assignments. No matter what position the students use it in they all say how awesome it is! I am glad that students can sit/lay however is most comfortable to them so that they can focus on their work. Thank you, IPEVO, for giving such generous donations to our schools! This PillowPad will be used by hundreds of students for many years to come. IPEVO is making a huge impact and helping to make learning more accessible and enjoyable for so many children. My students and I truly appreciate your generosity!