How Teacher Kristina uses V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera in the classroom

Kristina John-GabrielRunning Brook Elementary
Columbia, MD
Apr 20, 2018
I love the V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera! Being a technology teacher, I sometimes need to project devices like an iPad. I was never able to with the document camera I was using. Now, I can project the iPad screen clearly. This has been a huge help with my 4th Grade students as we work on the robot challenge and need to share new code or share each group's code. The book mode also makes it easy to focus students on selected lines of code on the iPad.

I have also used this with my Kindergarteners when reading about digital citizenship. Using the V4K Ultra High Definition USB Document Camera has allowed me the freedom to move around the room. It is so lightweight and compact, I am able take it to other locations in the room and engage with students instead of being tethered to the document camera in the front of the room. The students love it because they can turn pages or be in charge of finding vocabulary using the magnifier in book mode.

This is a great product and can be used in so many ways! Thank you IPEVO!!!