How Teacher Sara uses 72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger in the classroom

Sara BrooksCentennial Elementary
Evans, CO
Mar 4, 2018
We bought 4 iPevo High Speed chargers for our after-school program. (I had one that we still use in the computer lab for charging.) Our after-school program is STEM/Makerspace based so we have a ton of materials that need charging! I knew that more iPevo High Speed chargers would fit the bill because they have a small footprint and do charge materials quickly.

Thanks to the Wish pool gift, our iPevo High Speed chargers are now charging 30+ items a day. We use 6 Dash robots, 3 Dot robots, 10 iPad Minis, 12 Ozobots, 2 Dash Puzzlet trays, 3 Bee Bot tile reader trays, 3 rechargeable little Bits batteries, 1 Cubelet battery, 12 Doodle Start Pens, and 3 Sphero Sprk robots. So if we did charge everything overnight each day, we would need 54 chargers. But we don’t use each item each day and the iPevo High Speed charger works fast so we can often charge 2 items a day. So the iPevo High Speed charger makes sure that we are able to have materials charged and ready for students to use each day!

Thank you, iPevo, for making products to make STEM and teaching easier!

(This image shows the new Wish Pool gift in action with 2 of our 4 purchased. The other 2 are located in the classroom for the STEM class.)