How Teacher Krista uses USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously in the classroom

Krista GrayFlat Rock Elementary School
Anderson, SC
May 3, 2017
I am thrilled to have the USB SuperCharger in our elementary school library. It is compact, yet strong enough to charge up to four iPads at one time! The iPads charge extremely quickly as all four ports are able to have up to 2.1A. Before this wish came true I was having to charge the library's iPads and robots individually, in separate outlets. I was constantly trying to remember to rotate them throughout the day, while at the same time teaching back-to-back classes. Now, with just this one USB SuperCharger, I am able to charge four iPads and/or robots at one time. I am so thankful for IPEVO's Wishpool. Thank you so much for the way you support educators with the best technology products so that we can focus on teaching and preparing 21st century learners for the jobs of tomorrow!