How Teacher Jami uses IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in the classroom

Jami ArnoldNewberry Elementary
Etters, PA
Apr 27, 2017
The benefits of using the interactive white board system were greater than anticipated. This system was easy to set up and very user friendly. Because of our limited resources, we had to improvise to find a place to project activities. Since the classroom did not have a whiteboard, we ended up using a rolling cabinet which actually worked perfectly. The image projected clearly and the stylus accurately registered the students input. We do have a few students in the Autism Support classroom that are difficult to engage in various academic tasks. When we were able to transfer lessons into an interactive format using the IS-01 system, our students were so much more receptive to participating in learning tasks. For many of our students, this was the first opportunity to participate in interactive white board lessons or activities. Using this system created an increase in social interaction between students. They had more opportunities to practice sharing, turn taking, and cooperation within the context of academic tasks which a huge bonus when working with our students. We are so grateful for the opportunity to use this system and are excited to explore even more ways to make learning meaningful for our students! Thank you so very much for making this wish come true!