How Teacher Sheila uses IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System in the classroom

Sheila PatelMaywood Community School
Burnaby, Canada
Mar 31, 2017
Since we have started using this product students in all my reading groups have shown a motivation to take risks to read and write when we do it together, but also individually. Also, the students with ASD (Autism Spectrum) in my reading group are showing they are able to focus in the group on the story we are reading together using the product. After they do their writing with me using this product and they are able to stay engaged in the activity. The smiles the students with ASD have and the language we are hearing (ie. "More") has been wonderful to hear. Other students are not saying are we finished yet or do we have to? As a teacher to see and hear the students enjoying what they are doing has been truly a pleasure. This product as a different way to show them how reading and writing can be fun and interesting has certainly motivated them. Thank-you!!