How Teacher Tyler uses 72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger in the classroom

Tyler GriffinMississippi School for the Blind
Jackson, MS
Mar 6, 2017
My story came true! I dreamed of all the logistical issues having one of these 72W High-Speed SuperChargers would solve in my classroom, and it has only been a day but dreams have become a reality! All of my students are visually impaired and use iPads frequently for the iOS enhanced accessibility features which makes the world a more accessible place.

This SuperCharger has cut the charge time in half and students can even use them if need be while we are in class. Before we were spread across multiple rooms hoping for an available outlet.

We have included a photo of our gratitude to IPEVO. It was taken in our music room here at school showing the device in action!

Thanks again, IPEVO, for taking care of our needs! I've been impressed with how quick and reliable you have proven to be.

-Mr. Griffin