How Teacher Mary Jo uses USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously in the classroom

Mary Jo JohnsonLemons Mill Elementary
Georgetown, KY
Feb 24, 2017
I am the school technology coordinator so when I get new products, I try them out and then if I see a need in a classroom I often pass the new product. I am not the one enjoying the product directly. I have given it to one of our special education teachers to use with her students and their iPads. The chargers for the iPads are a hot commodity in middle school. Students need to recharge their phoned so they seek out chargers and just "happen" to "forget" to return them. This supercharger has been wonderful for this teacher. Her students use the iPads and then know to plug them back into this charger and they can get four of them charged at one time. Now the teachers does not need to use her classroom funds nor do I need to use my funds to replace the iPad charging blocks. Thank you for a wonderful product and gift.