How Teacher Brenda uses Point 2 View USB Document Camera in the classroom

Brenda WebsterMemorial
Upton, MA
Mar 8, 2013
Dear Wishpool,

Thank you for granting our wish and sending us a Point 2 View Document camera. Our class has enjoyed using it to enhance our math, reading, and ELA skills.

In math, we recently used the camera to show an example of how to draw and make triangles using a ruler and straws.

During a read aloud, we showed the small pictures in the book on the document camera so that we could see the picture bigger and so that we could point things out with the smart board marker.

In ELA, we played parts of speech bingo. We placed the cards under the document camera so that every one could read it bigger and see how how the word was used in a sentence.

The document camera really helps us show small things look big so that we can discuss them. The best part of having this document camera in our classroom is that Mrs Webster let's US use it. It's that easy to use!

Thank you for sending us this great and useful tool, the Point 2 View document camera, to help us with our school work.We appreciate having this helpful tool in our classroom. More school should purchase this tool so that ALL students can succeed.

With appreciation,

The students in Mrs Webster's Third Grade Class

Written and typed by Jason Ferrandino on behalf of the class.

Brenda Webster
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