How Teacher Emily uses VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera in the classroom

Emily Borocz-JohnsonJoseph M. Gallagher
Cleveland, OH
Jan 25, 2017
My document camera is awesome! It's been very helpful with my PreSchool, Kindergarten, first and second graders. I am able to read music books and stories to my young students and project the book illustrations up on to my white board as I read. This makes it much easier for everyone to see the pictures. It also allows me to point out small details that are important for the students to see. And, i can demonstrate using my pointer finger to follow the words as I read to help the emerging readers.
My older students have been learning a variety of music theory principles, which we work on via worksheets and good old fashioned staff paper. By projecting the work on to the board, every students can see and understand what I am teaching them and what my expectations are for completing the task at hand. The students also enjoy bringing their own work to the document camera and teaching the class by way of guided example. Having the document camera has been a very positive addition to my classroom and teaching. Thank you for granting my wish!