Questions & Answers

  • I cannot submit my story because my picture fails to upload.

    Please clear your browser's cache and try again. You should see a pop up error message if the picture you tried to upload does not meet our limitations. If you have set any pop up to be blocked, please add Wishpool to the whitelist.

    If there is no error message, please send the following information to and we will look into it asap:

    1. Screenshot of the failure page

    2. URL

    3. The browser you are using and its version

    4. Your operating system

  • Does it matter if I registered with my personal email address instead of school email address?

    Wishpool is dedicated to giving back to the education community, thus a registered school email address is required for validation. If your school does not have its own email domain please contact us at and provide other proof that you are working in an educational institution. You wish will not be selected if we are unable to validate your occupation.

  • I accidentally registered with my personal email address instead of school email address.

    Please register another account with your school email address and make your wishes using the new account.

  • I don't have a profile picture to upload.

    Profile picture is required for your wish story to be listed on Wishpool (only stories listed may be selected). If you do not wish to reveal personal information you may upload a picture of your classroom, school, or other related subject. Please do not upload picture of someone else.

  • Is there any requirement for making a wish?

    Wishpool is our way of giving back to the education community which has been supporting IPEVO thus far. Therefore, we are providing this opportunity to personnel in the registered public and private schools only.

    Due to shipping coverage limitation, Wishpool is currently open to teachers working in registered institutions in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Japan only.

  • Can I have an item shipped to my home?

    To make sure the free gifts are indeed benefiting students, Wishpool only ships items directly to schools.

  • Is there any additional or hidden cost for the gift Wishpool is providing?

    No, Wishpool ships gifts to selected teacher absolutely free. All shipping, handling, and other costs that may occur are completely covered by IPEVO.

  • I don’t see my wish under Wish Story?

    Wish stories submitted will undergo an examination for basic information and inappropriate wordings, which generally takes about 1 week, before it appears under Wish Story. Your story will not appear if it does not pass the examination.

  • How do I know if my wish is submitted successfully?

    You will receive a notification email in your registered email address if we received your wish. Please make sure Wishpool is in your whitelist, or check your spam folder if you do not see the email.

    You can also check the status of your wish by logging into Wishpool and check My Wish List under My Account.

  • Why is my wish story not posted on Wishpool?

    Please check if the following information is correct and complete:

    • School email address
    • School address
    • Profile picture
    • Wishing for the gift(s) of the month

    For example, gift of March is WS-01 Wireless Station. If you wished for a P2V or Ziggi doc cam in March your story will not make it on Wishpool. Please make sure you checked the gift of the month before you make your wish.

  • How do I know if my wish will be posted on Wishpool or not? Is there an email notification?

    You will not be notified if your wish does not make it on Wishpool.

  • How do I check whether or not my wish has been granted?

    Once your wish has been successfully submitted, you will receive an email by the end of the month indicating whether or not you have been selected as one of the Wishpool winners. If you do not see it, please make sure you have registered with a valid email address and have set Wishpool to the whitelist. Please also check your spam folder.

    You may also check the status of your wish in My Wish List section under My Account.

    A Submitted status means your wish has been successfully submitted; Wish not selected means you are not selected for this month’s gift; and Wish granted means you have been selected and the gift of the month will be delivered to your registered shipping address.

  • I have questions regarding my wish, how do I reach you?

    Please email us at and make sure you include “My Case Number” in your email to help us quickly locate your case info in our database.

    “My Case Number” can be found in the “status” column under My Wish List. Please log in to Wishpool and go to My Account to find the page.

  • I forgot my password.

    Please click on the button and use the “Forgot Your Password?” link to reset your password.

  • Are the Wishpool equipments the property of the teachers who applied for the equipment or the school district where they are employed?

    The product belongs to whoever made the wish and the name should be on the package delivered. If the wishmaker wishes to share it with other teachers or districts, it will be his or her personal choice.

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