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X1-N6 Internet Conference Station
About X1-N6 Internet Conference Station

X1-N6 Internet Conference Station

Can I combine X1-N6 with a webcam to set up online video conferencing?
I hear static or echoes.
There's no sound coming from X1-N6.
Can I add an extra microphone to X1-N6 to extend its reach?
What functions are not supported by X1-N6?
Can I use X1-N6 on Windows 2000 or Mac?
What is the range of X1-N6's microphone?
When X1-N6 is connected to the computer, why are there problems with the audio output from the speaker when running other software or programs?
There is a problem with X1-N6's sound output. What can be causing this?
I have connected X1-N6 to the computer, but the sound output still comes from the computer speaker and not X1-N6. What is the problem?
There is sound output from X1-N6, but why can't the person at the other end hear my voice?