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VX-1 Internet Conference Station
About VX-1 Internet Conference Station

VX-1 Internet Conference Station

I've turned the volume knob all the way up but still find the speaker volume is far too low and difficult to hear.
The person I am calling cannot hear me.
No sound is coming from the speaker.
If my Computer and iDevice are both plugged into VX-1, can I make calls using my Computer?
Does VX-1 remember my Mic settings?
Why is the sound quality better when making calls using the internet/WiFi versus making calls using a cellphone network?
What type of USB AC adaptor can I use with VX-1?
When I plug in or remove the 3.5mm audio cable from VX-1 the LEDs flash a few times before stopping. Is this normal?
When powering on VX-1 the LEDs flash a few times and stop. Is this normal?