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TR-10 Portable Conference Phone
About TR-10 Portable Conference Phone

TR-10 Portable Conference Phone

XP/Vista/Win 7 version
Download (1.66 MB)
Mac version 2.8
Download (11.13 MB)
Will TR-10i only work with iChat? Is it possible to use TR-10i with other Internet communication or conferencing software?
How is TR-10i powered? Does it require batteries?
How is TR-10i different from other Internet VoIP phones?
I see two options for TR-10 audio input: microphone and external line connector.
The buttons/dial keys do not work.
The microphone doesn't work in speakerphone mode, though it works in handset mode.
I can hardly hear the person I am speaking to. Do I need to make some changes to the settings?
How is TR-10i able to provide unlimited recording time, which is a feature of its recording function? What is the process involved in recording the conversations?
I've downloaded the Mac software, yet when I go under the "About" section of the IPEVO Control Center, it shows a version different from what I saw on the web.
How do I use my TR-10i with Xlite, iTunes, or other non-iLife programs? Will the buttons work?
Can I use TR-10i in non-Skype applications?
What is the range of the microphone?
What Operating Systems are compatible with TR-10/i?
What is the difference between one-way and two-way sound recording?