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S0-10 Skype Desktop Phone
About S0-10 Skype Desktop Phone

S0-10 Skype Desktop Phone

Firmware Upgrade version 2042
Download (9.05 MB)
Source Code
GPL/LGPL source code
Download (52.41 MB)
I cannot sign in to my Skype account using S0-10.
Is S0-10 only capable of Chinese and English displays? Does it also display in other languages? I have contacts in many different countries. Won’t this cause some problems with contact information?
The ringtone is not audible.
Conversation is lagging.
The status LED keeps blinking.
When I tried to update the firmware, S0-10 says it already has the latest version. Not true!
I hear static on S0-10.
Missed calls are not displayed.
Can I transfer calls that come in to my phone to S0-10?
Can I extend the handset cord length?
What functions are not supported by S0-10?
I use PPPoE to connect with the Internet. How do I configure connections with S0-10?
Does S0-10 support multiple Skype accounts?
Can I store my Skype login password?
The screen freezes when switched on.
Can I use S0-10 in other countries?
Why do I need to enter the date each time I turn it on?
Where is the call history to my SkypeIn number?
Does S0-10 support a call-forwarding feature?
How do you select the ring tone and adjust its volume?
Why does the sound volume increase or decrease intermittently?
What kind of network connection does the S0-10 support?