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KALEIDO R7 Digital Frame
About KALEIDO R7 Digital Frame

KALEIDO R7 Digital Frame

Kaleido R7 update (See User Manual for firmware update instructions) version
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GPL/LGPL source code
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If my photo album contains a mixture of portrait and landscape photos, how can I configure Kaleido R7 to display them properly?
Can I operate Kaleido R7 if I do not have a Wi-Fi wireless network environment at home?
Which photo formats are supported by Kaleido R7?
Does Kaleido R7 feature a touch screen monitor?
What types of memory cards are supported by Kaleido R7?
Which functions are not supported in Kaleido R7?
I cannot turn Kaleido R7 on.
How many photos can I store and play on Kaleido R7?
Can I set Kaleido R7 to go into standby mode automatically, to conserve power and LCD screen running time when I am not usually using the device?
It takes quite a lot of time to sync images from my PC to Kaleido R7. Is this normal?
After I have upgraded the firmware, how do I restart Kaleido R7 again?
What should I do when an error occurs while Syncing content from EyeStage™ to Kaleido R7?
I am having problems pairing Kaleido R7 with my computer using EyeStage™.
Why is it that some channels are skipped without any of the contents being played?
What is the difference between "News RSS" and "Photo RSS"?
What are the different functions for the USB and mini-USB port located at the back of the device?
Kaleido R7 is unable to display some photos that have been edited using Photoshop.
What is the difference between the power switch on the side and the standby switch on the touch panel?
How do I program the Channel (Bookmark) buttons?
How do I delete the photos stored in Kaleido R7?
What is the effective range of the remote control?
Why can't I operate Kaleido R7 after connecting it to my computer with a USB connector cable (Type A-B)?
Kaleido is unable to display some photos even though they are in JPEG format.
Pressing power key on the touch panel/remote control doesn't turn Kaleido on.
The RSS channel does not update.