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IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

Required Software
IS-01 Driver v2.0 + Annotator v2.0.2 - Mac OS X 10.8 and above
Release Note Download (8.07 MB)
IS-01 Driver v2.0 + Annotator v1.8 - Mac OS X 10.6 (Core 2 Duo x64) and 10.7
Release Note Download (8.2 MB)
IS-01 Driver v2.0.0.0 + Annotator v2.0.0.12 - Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Release Note Download (9.53 MB)
IS-01 Driver v2.0.0.0 + Annotator v1.0.0.13 - Windows XP
Release Note Download (3.01 MB)
IS-01 Driver - MSI Version (for network admin and advanced users)
Download (2.68 MB)
How do I quickly determine a good working distance between the screen and Sensor Cam?
What should I do if the cursor is not pointing correctly and/or following the Interactive Pen correctly?
How do I stop the IS-01 driver from running at start up?
My pen trace and pointing are inaccurate after I changed the screen resolution.
There are two IS-01 shortcuts after I updated the software.
How does IS-01 different from conventional interactive whiteboard?
Can I use IS-01 with TV/Flatscreen/Monitor besides Projector?
I cannot play PowerPoint or Keynote slide while using Annotator on Mac.
My Chrome detects the download as malware, is that true?
Why is there no scrollbar in my browser or finder window in Mac OS X when using IS-01?
Can I use IS-01 with my own software instead of IPEVO Annotator?
The pen trace continually breaks when I write or draw with the Interactive Pen.
During calibration, multiples spots appear or spots appear erratically.
The cursor on my screen is jumping around abnormally and I am not able to control it.
When I tap on the corners during calibration, the points don't fall within the center white box.
Can I use rechargeable AAA batteries for the Interactive Pen?
I am setting up the IS-01 for the first time on my Mac. I have the IS-01 Driver installed and the Sensor Cam connected, but when I press on the Calibration app, there is no response.