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iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera for iPad, Android Tablet, PC and Mac

Release Note Download (5.5 MB)
Compatible Software
Capitalize on the wireless freedom of IPEVO’s iZiggi-HD even further with IPEVO Presenter for Apple TV
I’d like to integrate iZiggi-HD into my app/software, how do I start?
I have connected iZiggi-HD’s camera to the USB port on its base, and my device is connected to iZiggi-HD, but the Live View is constantly coming on and off or otherwise freezes.
What should I do when Presenter asks for login credentials to control my iZiggi-HD?
There are more than one iZiggi-HD appearing on my WiFi list, which one should I connect?
iZiggi-HD does not turn off
The Live View of iZiggi-HD is unstable, laggy, or choppy.
iZiggi-HD cannot find my Wi-Fi network.
I am unable to connect iZiggi-HD to my existing network.
I cannot connect to iZiggi-HD.
I am not able to see a live image from iZiggi-HD on IPEVO Whiteboard or IPEVO Presenter.
Can I connect two USB document cameras to iZiggi-HD base and use them both at the same time?
Can I watch Live View of iZiggi-HD through an internet browser?
How long does it take to fully charge iZiggi-HD? How long can I use iZiggi-HD if it is not fully charged?
I need to use static IP for all devices on my network. What do I do?
I am looking for advanced Internet settings for iZiggi-HD. Where can I find that?
Can I view iZiggi-HD over Wi-Fi with multiple devices?
What can I do if I forgot my SSID or admin password?
iZiggi-HD does not turn on, instead, the red PWR led flashed 3 times.