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Mini Network Storage Adapter
About Mini Network Storage Adapter

Mini Network Storage Adapter

Firmware Upgrade version 1.0.2
Download (724.99 KB)
Can I connect a USB printer to my Mini?
What kind of connection is required?
What do I need to build up a network to work with Mini?
Will I need an extra router if my DSL/cable modem works as a router?
Can I use a wireless router?
How do I know that my hard drive works with Mini?
Can I use my USB thumb drive (formatted in FAT32) instead of a hard drive?
Does Mini support USB 1.1/2.0?
Can I browse hard drive contents via Mini?
How do I configure Mini?
How much power does Mini consume?
What are the file system formats supported by Mini?
Is Mini wireless?
What are the operating systems that will work with Mini? Is there any other system requirement?
Do I need an external power supply for my hard drive?