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FR-33.1 Skype USB Phone
About FR-33.1 Skype USB Phone

FR-33.1 Skype USB Phone

XP/Vista/Win 7 version
Download (1.66 MB)
Mac version 2.8
Download (11.13 MB)
Avaya (XP) version
Download (3.1 MB)
Are there sound recording functions? What is the difference between one-way and two-way sound recording?
Can I listen to voicemails on FR-33.1?
Can I use the recording feature as an independent application?
My computer selects FR-33.2 by default for music playback. Can I instruct my computer to use the FR-33.3 only for Skype?
My computer selects FR-33.1 by default for music playback. Can I instruct my computer to use the FR-33.1 only for Skype?
How do I make a SkypeOut call?
Which functions are not supported in FR-33.1?
Which functions are not supported in FR-33.2?
The keys on the phone do not work anymore although dialing through the software works.
The volume is too low.
The screen turns on but nothing appears inside.
Which operating systems are compatible with FR-33.2/FR-33.1?
After entering a phone number or selecting a contact, FR-33.2 automatically makes a call before pressing the Call button.
Conversation is lagging.
I hear an echo on FR-33.2.
I hear statics on FR-33.2.
The person on the other end of the call cannot hear me.
Cannot dial phone numbers using the keypad, but dialing in Skype software works.
Cannot make calls from Skype Call History screen.
(Windows) I cannot install the driver. The Setup program crashes after language selection.
During the driver installation, a warning message says that the software had failed the Windows logo test and would severely damage the system if I continue.
"Skype: unavailable" is displayed on the screen and the keys do not work.
IPEVO Control Center (ICC) is using too much CPU power.
(Windows Vista) Screensaver becomes disabled when the IPEVO Control Center is running.
Cannot defragment my harddrive because of a problematic driver file SNXUAAAF.SYS. Can I delete it?
I hear constant noise on FR-33.2 when I use it with a ThinkPad laptop.