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Wireless Presentation System
Model Number:  5-118-6-1001 
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Insert WPS into your projector's VGA connector or VGA cable, then plug in the WPS power adapter. Turn the projector on.


Make sure your computer’s WLAN is already enabled, then connect your computer to WPS-Dongle.


Your Internet browser should redirect you to the WPS main page, where you can download the WPS software. Or, you can enter the IP address in your browser.


Start the software. A login screen will appear. Enter the login code found on the projector screen. That’s it! You’re up and running.

Cut the Cord

The Wireless Presentation System (WPS) turns any classroom or conference room projector into a wireless projector so you can easily and conveniently share content in real time from multiple computers. Any presentation―whether for fun, for education, or for business―becomes a more efficient and more professional process with the WPS, which ends cable hassles and logistical headaches.


Connect up to 4 computers WPS can simultaneously project up to four desktops in split screen, which is great for comparing data or staging multimedia presentations.

Split-screen Entering split-screen mode is easy. Instead of pressing the Play button, click on one of the four split-screen buttons (labeled 1 through 4). Use a different number for each desktop you wish to display. Each desktop will occupy a different quadrant of the screen.

Switch between computers Click the Play button on the control panel to leave split-screen mode and enter full-screen projection mode. The projector will automatically sync with your computer and project your desktop contents in real time.

Conveniently download WPS software wirelessly Wirelessly connect to the “WPS-Dongle” network and download the software via your computer's Internet browser. Never hassle with a CD.

Stay connected Add the WPS Dongle to your existing WiFi connection. Your computer will be able to connect with the Internet and WPS simultaneously.

Press “AUTO-SETUP” or ReSync on your projector remote to optimize image Depending on the projector, you can press either the “AUTO-SETUP” or Resync button on your remote to ensure your WPS is delivering the very best image.

The WPS is designed to install easily on most projector models. Once installed, you're just a few steps from connecting your projector to any computer with a WiFi Internet connection. PCs or Macs can navigate to the WPS through an Internet browser, download the software, and project desktop content wirelessly. Viewers will be treated to high speed projection (up to 30fps) at a variety of supported output resolutions. And all information sent is protected by a standard 128-bit WEP/WPA security key.

Several handy features come with the WPS. A 4-to-1 split screen capability displays content from up to four computers at the same time. A WiFi Access Point mode connects the Wireless Presentation System to your existing WiFi network, allowing any computers on that network to easily connect to the projector. And for quick and effortless projections, a “Plug and Show” token can be made from a USB flash drive so any computer can start projecting in seconds.

Streamline your presentations and cut out the cables. The Wireless Presentation System makes presenting information from multiple PCs or Macs easy and affordable.

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