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VX-1 Internet Conference Station VX-1 Internet Conference Station VX-1 Internet Conference Station VX-1 Internet Conference Station VX-1 Internet Conference Station
Model Number:  5-865-2-08-00 

Hear and Be Heard

Adobe connect, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype and similar VoIP services offer up plenty of features and convenience for remote meetings. If you have a computer or tablet, you have the ability to teleconference. But one aspect of the experience often comes up short: sound quality from your device's built-in speaker and microphone. Common complaints include:

  • The speaker's not loud enough. Laptop and tablet speakers are design for personal use, and so they're often not loud enough for a room full of people, even at maximum volume.
  • The mic's only designed for one person. Built-in microphones can only capture the closest person's voice clearly. As a consequence, everyone in the meeting feels they need to yell and/or crowd around the microphone, rather than sitting comfortably.
  • Echo noise. Very frequently, the person on the other end of the teleconference hears their own voice because their voice is played and then recorded into the mic again. This can really put a strain on comprehensibility during a meeting, leading to people needing to repeat what they just said. Plus, it's extremely annoying!

These issues interrupt, slow, and add frustration to remote meetings. But all of these issues can be overcome with the IPEVO VX-1 Internet Conference Station, the perfect complement to your VoIP usage. With VX-1's superior voice capture and transmission, everyone can hear, and everyone can be heard.

A Superior Audio Experience, Top to Bottom

  • VX-1 utilizes outstanding noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, thanks to a special 16-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with built-in hardware acceleration. This DSP features 16 kHz sampling rate signal processing for exceptional echo cancellation and adaptive noise suppression. The result is crystal-clear voice transmission on both ends of the conversation.
  • One standard side effect of DSP is that it distorts voices, making transmitted voices too flat, too high, or otherwise different-sounding than the speaker's natural voice. This is a common flaw in many conference stations on the market. To compensate for this DSP effect, VX-1 features another specialized sound processor that enhances, clarifies, and smoothes voices. This includes rich reproduction of both low frequencies and high frequencies across a wide dynamic range. So whether low pitch, high pitch, male or female, all voices are optimized and clearly intelligible. The days of straining to hear (or making guesses) about what the other person is saying are over.
  • Additionally, VX-1 is a full duplex system, meaning that both sides can communicate at the same time — just as if you were in the same room. This is in contrast to half-duplex, where only one side can speak at a time.

Two Sound Modes and 5 Built-in Microphones

VX-1 features a total of 5 built-in microphones to address any configuration of people around the device. The default microphone is the Omni Mic which receives sound evenly in a 360-degree range, making it ideal for capturing the voices of all participants positioned anywhere around VX-1. The difference you'll perceive between the Omni Mic and your computer's built-in microphone will be dramatic.

The Omni Mic has a an optimal pick-up range of 6.5 feet.
The maximum pick-up range is 13 feet.

VX-1 also features a Zone Enhanced Mode that uses directional microphones. This mode is designed for maximum reduction of unwanted environmental noise. In Zone Enhanced Mode, one of four unidirectional mics (Uni Mics) is active. Mics are easily selectable with the Zone Enhancement button. Uni Mics have a longer range and higher sensitivity than the Omni Mic, and they primarily receive sound coming from one direction. In fact, they're specifically tuned to exclude sound coming from other directions.

Each Unidirectional Mic has an optimal pick-up range of 10 feet.
The maximum pick-up range is 16 feet.

An Intuitive Design and Simple, Straightforward Controls

With its elegant and modern circular shape, VX-1 is an eye-catching addition to the office that can be placed anywhere on the desk or table. It looks and behaves like people expect it to, so there's never any confusion for guests using the station. And with VX-1, you don't need to return to the computer or hunt around in the VoIP application to change basic audio settings. The station features three frequently-used buttons as well as easy to understand status LEDs.

  • Power Switch & Volume Knob. These are radio-like knobs for intuitive volume adjustment. Volume adjustment should always be right at your fingertips.
  • Zone Enhancement. Switch directly from Default Mode (Omni Mic) to Enhanced Mode (Uni Mic). Hit this button multiple times to switch between the Uni Mics. LEDs on top of VX-1 clearly indicate which Uni Mic is currently active.
  • Mute. Mute VX-1 on the fly whenever conversation on your side needs to be kept confidential. Red LEDs will let you know when you're muted so there's no doubt.
LED indicators:
All Green:
Omni Mic is on (Default Mode).
All Green: Omni Mic is on (Default Mode)
All Red:
All mics are muted.
All Red: All mics are muted.
Single Green:
One Uni Mic is active.
Single Green: One Uni Mic is active.

Turn Your iDevice Into a Conference Station

iDevices feature countless ways to communicate remotely, including free voice chat apps as well as good old-fashioned number dialing on iPhone. Whenever your group has a remote meeting, don't crowd around the iPad or awkwardly pass the iPhone around. Simply connect your iDevice to VX-1 via the included 3.5mm audio cable. Plug the cable into your iDevice's audio jack and you have an instant, professional-level conference station.

Turn Your iDevice Into a Conference Station

Plug-and-Play Right Out of the Box

With VX-1, there's no need to hassle with installing drivers or extra software. Simply plug VX-1 into your PC, Mac or iDevice (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) and launch your preferred conferencing software. Or, if using the iPhone, just place a call like you usually do. VX-1 automatically becomes your default speaker and microphone.

Compatible with Most VoIP Applications

VX-1 is compatible with a wide variety of chat and conference applications llike Adobe connect, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Join Me, Skype, TeamViewer, Facetime and many more. No matter what VoIP service you use, chances are the VX-1 can deliver immediate results for your next remote meeting.

Side-by-Side Comparison with the X1-N6

Comparison between the IPEVO VX-1 Internet Conference Station and the IPEVO X1-N6 Internet Conference Station:

VX-1 VX-1 X1-N6 X1-N6
Number of microphones 5 Mics (1 Omni Mic, 4 Uni Mics) 1 Mic (Uni Mic)
16-bit echo cancellation DSP Yes Yes
Noise suppression Yes Yes
Full duplex Yes Yes
Volume control Yes Yes
Mute button Yes Yes
High sensitivity microphone Yes No
Zone Enhanced Mode (directional microphone) Yes No
Audio jack for iDevice Yes No
Sound enhancement DSP Yes No

  • Other than computer or iDevices, can I use VX-1 with other cellphone or tablets?

    No, the 3.5mm audio cable is comptible with iPad, iPod and iPhone only. Using it with any other cellphone or tablet may result in no microphone support or too low in speaker volume.

  • Can I combine VX-1 with a webcam to set up online video conferencing?

    Absolutely. Combine VX-1 with a webcam (like the Point 2 View or Ziggi-HD) for an even more realistic online conferencing experience.

  • Can I connect two VX-1 to the same computer to extend its reach?

    No. Connecting two VX-1 to one computer does not allow both of them to be active at the same time. Only one VX-1 will be recognized at a time. It is recommended to use VX-1 on both end for the best conferencing experience.

  • Does VX-1 require an AC adapter to work?

    VX-1 is plug and play on computers with no external power required. However, if you are using VX-1 with an iDevice via 3.5mm cable, it is required to have a external power source. You can use an iDevice's USB AC adapter (not included) or your computer as a USB power source for VX-1.

IPEVO has a longstanding commitment to green business practices, and this extends to the environmental performance of our products.

Treatment Efficiency
Our VX-1 Internet Conference Station complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, and is manufactured, sold and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

recycling:89.8% recovery:92.6%

Environmental Compliance
Check out the symbols printed on our packaging.

WEEE RoHS Recyclable

WEEE and RoHS Compliance Statement
Please find our WEEE and RoHS compliance statements as follows:
WEEE compliance statement (PDF)
link-RoHS compliance statement (PDF)

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