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Replacement Pen for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System Replacement Pen for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System
Model Number:  A-867-3-08-00 
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The Magic Wand for Learning

Keep the Interactions Going

IPEVO's IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System delivers an affordable and portable interactive whiteboard. An essential part of IS-01 is the Interactive Pen, which gives teachers and students the ability to draw with, click and otherwise control a computer's mouse remotely at the board. If you own the IS-01 and you've lost your Pen, the Replacement Pen will make your IS-01 whole again without having to buy the entire system.

A Replacement Pen, or Just a Spare One

In a busy classroom, and particularly with younger students, the Interactive Pen has the chance to get broken or misplaced. Replace your missing Pen or keep an extra one on hand in case the Interactive Pen does go missing. The Replacement Pen is identical to the original IS-01 Pen and will provide the same accurate remote control of your mouse cursor, complete with clicks and drags. Just pop in two AAA batteries, run through the brief calibration exercises, and you're all set.

Engage and Excite with an Interactive Whiteboard

The Replacement Pen is an accessory for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System, which is sold separately. The IS-01 turns your existing whiteboard or projector surface into an interactive whiteboard. Project learning software, maps, drawing tools, text and much more, then control the computer's mouse remotely at the board. Kids love using the "magic wand" – and so do teachers – so don't let a missing Pen stop you from using your IS-01 to the fullest!

Special Note on Multi-Touch Support

The IS-01 does not support multi-touch functions, meaning that two people cannot be operating their own Interactive Pens at the same time. Only one Interactive Pen can be captured by the IS-01's Sensor Cam at a time.

IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System


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