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IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System

*Computer and Projector not included
Model Number:  5-870-1-08-00 

How Does IW2 Work?

IW2 is made up of three devices: the Interactive Pen, the Sensor Cam, and the Wireless Receiver (attached at the bottom of the Interactive Pen). The Interactive Pen emits infrared signals on contact or by pressing the IPEVO button on the Pen. The Sensor Cam, which acts as the 'eye' of IW2, then reads the infrared signals emitted and detects the physical location of the Pen. The Sensor Cam works in the same way as how our eyes work, and so it's necessary to ensure any taps or movements with the Interactive Pen can be 'seen'/detected by the Sensor Cam. With that in mind, please keep a clear path between the Sensor Cam and the Pen to ensure maximum accuracy.

After detecting the physical location of the Pen, the Sensor Cam sends this information wirelessly via the paired Wireless Receiver (which must be plugged into the computer’s USB port) to your computer, which then translates the Pen’s motion into cursor motion. Thus, wherever you move the Pen, the computer will also move its cursor in real time, just like a wireless mouse. You can also perform mouse clicks and drags with the Interactive Pen.


No Wi-Fi Required

No Wi-Fi installed in your classroom? No worries. IW2 has wireless technology similar to a wireless mouse and does not need Wi-Fi to function. Just plug the Wireless Receiver of the IW2 into your computer's USB port and you will be able to use the Interactive Pen to control your computer's cursor movement and mouse actions. With or without Wi-Fi, IW2 just works.

Turn Your Existing Whiteboard into an Interactive Whiteboard

Because the Sensor Cam simply tracks the position of the Interactive Pen, you can use your existing whiteboard or any projection surface to teach, share and present in a dynamic, multimedia way. If you have a projected image that fits the customizable 40 inches - 100 inches board area, you have an interactive whiteboard with IW2. Pair IW2 with a portable projector, and you can immediately turn most any flat surface in your room into an interactive whiteboard. The possibilities are unlimited.

Works with Most Any Surface

IW2's versatility allows you to transform most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard, including the walls in your room or your soft projection screens. Uneven wall surfaces or swaying soft projection screens won't affect the functionality of IW2 thanks to a specially-designed "IPEVO Button".This conveniently-placed green button lets you perform normal mouse actions on uneven surfaces without having to physically tap or swipe. And besides mouse clicks, simple annotations like circling and underlining are also possible by pressing and holding the button while drawing. Now you can truly turn any corner of your classroom into an interactive teaching and learning space.

Note: Keep in mind the following while using IW2 on uneven wall surfaces or soft projection screens. Complicated drawings or writing may not be as smooth when compared to using IW2 on a hard projection screen as the nature of the uneven surface or soft screen may affect pen trace and result in inaccurate operation. Re-calibration may also be needed if calibration is accidentally thrown off by the swaying soft screen while in use.

Works with All Projector Types

Whether you're using a standard projector, a portable projector, or a short-throw/ultra short-throw projector, IW2 is ready to contribute to your lesson. IW2 is not affected by the type of projector you use. If your projector is compatible with your computer, it's compatible with IW2. You don't have to worry about throw distance because IW2's Sensor Cam connects wirelessly to your computer, not your projector. The Sensor Cam has a maximum effective range of up to 20 feet (600cm), so simply place the Sensor Cam on a table/AV cart, or mount it upside-down onto the ceiling/ceiling-mounted standard projector or onto a tripod within that range, and you're good to go.


Easy Setup, Fast Calibration

Download and install the required software from HERE. After installation, connect the Sensor Cam to a power outlet, and plug the Wireless Receiver into your computer’s USB port. Next, spend less than a minute calibrating the board for accuracy, and you’re ready to go! That’s why IW2 can be easily swapped between rooms.

Download required software
Download required software
Connect Sensor Cam to outlet
Connect Sensor Cam to outlet
Plug in Wireless Receiver
Plug in Wireless Receiver
Start calibration
Start calibration

IW2 Versus Traditional Interactive Whiteboards

Should I get an IW2 or a traditional interactive whiteboard? To answer that question, we have done a comparison between the IW2 and some traditional interactive whiteboards. So let’s take a look at how the IW2 stacked up against them.

  IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System Other traditional interactive whiteboards Other traditional interactive whiteboards
  • Wireless between Sensor Cam and computer.
  • Wireless between existing whiteboard/projection screen/most any flat surface to computer.
  • Free to place computer anywhere in the classroom as computer does not need to be tethered to Sensor Cam or to projection area.
  • Need a wired connection between the interactive whiteboard and computer.
  • Restrictions on where to place the computer as computer has to be tethered to the interactive whiteboard.
IW2 Wireless Setup
Traditional Interactive Whiteboard Setup
Traditional Interactive Whiteboard Setup
Traditional Interactive Whiteboard Setup
  • $169
  • Less than one-tenth of the price of a traditional interactive whiteboard.
Thousands of dollars.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easily swapped between classrooms.
  • Bulky, fixed to the wall.
  • Can hardly be swapped between classrooms.
  • Turns existing whiteboard/projection screen/most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.
  • Customizes classroom layout and turns any wall surface into an interactive whiteboard.
  • Permanently fixed interactive whiteboard.
  • Fixed classroom layout once the traditional interactive whiteboard is installed.
Durability Existing whiteboard/ projection screen/flat surface less likely to fail. Interactive whiteboard filled with electronic parts that require regular maintenance.

Two Ways to Use IW2 Interactive Pen

Use the Interactive Pen as a Mouse

When used with any mouse-based software application, the Interactive Pen can behave like a mouse, transforming any surface into a touchscreen. It can be used to control cursor movement and perform mouse actions including clicks, double clicks, and drags.


Using Interactive Pen to perform left click


Use the Interactive Pen as a Whiteboard Marker to Draw or Annotate

When paired with any annotator software program, the Interactive Pen can be used just like your regular whiteboard marker. It can be used to draw or annotate on images that you are projecting to an audience for clarification or emphasis. IW2 is compatible with all annotator applications which receive mouse input. If you don't own any such software, the free IPEVO Annotator software is available for download HERE.

Annotating using the Interactive Pen

Enliven Your Lessons with IPEVO Annotator

IPEVO Annotator is a simple and intuitive screen annotation, recording, image capturing and editing software that is a perfect match for IW2. It can be used in combination with many other third-party software applications. When the Interactive Pen is paired with the Annotator, you can easily draw and annotate on your onscreen material regardless of the applications running in the background. Annotator is intuitively designed to allow you to draw, write, and annotate directly onto images on the screen, or to create a blank whiteboard to turn your projection screen into a true interactive whiteboard. Learn more about the features of IPEVO Annotator HERE.

Now with Multi-Pen Functionality!

Here’s one more reason to be excited about IW2! The use of multiple simultaneous pens is now supported on Mac and PC, and up to four users can work together on the projected whiteboard surface. Write, draw, and annotate on content at the same time for a truly collaborative learning environment, increased engagement, and better interactivity.

To use IW2’s multi-pen function, you’ll need to download and install the latest version of the IW Driver (with included IPEVO Annotator software), which can be found HERE. You’ll also need more Interactive Pens, so check out our
IP-1 Interactive Pen (for IW Series Interactive Whiteboard System) which is designed for this purpose. Get ready to open up even more possibilities for your IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System with this newly added multi-pen function!

How Does Multi-Pen Work?

The multi-pen function is only available when you choose Multi-Pen Mode in the latest version of Annotator. In this mode, you can choose from two, three or four whiteboard frames, and invite the corresponding number of users up to the projected whiteboard surface to work on the respective frames simultaneously. In addition, there’s a Copy function that allows you to easily copy the content in the (top) left frame and paste it to all the other available frames.

Note: To learn more about the multi-pen function, please visit IPEVO Annotator website.

Chromebook Support Now Added

Besides Mac and PC, IW2 is now compatible with Chromebook! Download IPEVO Whiteboard for Chromebook and start enjoying IW2 on your Chromebook. Draw or annotate directly onto a blank whiteboard, imported pictures or live video feed from any connected IPEVO document cameras (or built-in webcam). Highlight, emphasize, and clarify areas of interest to make every lesson or presentation more interactive and more effective. You can then either capture and save the annotated content to the app, or export it directly to a designated folder for future reference. There’s even a Review Mode for managing the content saved to the app. Chromebook users, don't delay – take advantage of an even more versatile IW2 right away. Watch this video to get started.

Take Your Interactive Presentation to Another Level with Real-Time Doc Cam Video

In addition to using IW2 with IPEVO Annotator or Whiteboard for Chromebook, you can take your interactive presentations to another level by adding one of our IPEVO document cameras to your setup. With an IPEVO doc cam, you can capture real-time video for documents, textbooks, artwork, 3D objects or anything else. From there, enrich your presentations even further by annotating on the live video feed from the document camera using IPEVO Annotator or Whiteboard for Chromebook.

Lightweight and Portable

The three-piece IW2 system - Sensor Cam, Interactive Pen and Wireless Receiver (attached to the bottom of the Interactive Pen) – is lightweight enough to be transported between classrooms, shared between teachers, or even slipped back into its packaging case for remote seminars and presentations. Introducing the portable IW2 into a new environment is a breeze, and a new setup can be accomplished in minutes. Now you can leave your bulky, permanently-installed traditional interactive whiteboard behind and bring IW2 anywhere with you.

Differences Between IW2 and IS-01

There are four distinct differences between IW2 and IS-01. First, IW2 is wireless. While IS-01 requires its Sensor Cam to be connected to your computer, no such tethering is required for IW2's Sensor Cam. In fact, you can move your computer (with Wireless Receiver) anywhere within 16ft (5m) of the Sensor Cam, and IW2 will still function. 
Secondly, we've lengthened the IW2's Interactive Pen from 7.9" (20cm) to 14.6" (37.2cm), which offers a taller tool for larger and higher screen surfaces, as well as a boost for shorter students reaching the board. No separate extension wand is required with IW2. 
Thirdly, IW2 supports multi-pen functionality which allows up to four users to work together on the projected whiteboard surface, while IS-01 does not. 
And finally, IW2 is compatible with Mac, PC and Chromebook. IS-01 does not work with Chromebook.

IW2 Sounds Good,
But Is It Right For My Classroom?

IW2 is very versatile and can used in most settings. As for whether your classroom can accommodate IW2, there are two main considerations to factor in. The first consideration is making sure at least one of the following THREE POSITIONS is available for the IW2’s Sensor Cam:

Table or AV cart

Mount the Sensor Cam on a flat, smooth tabletop or AV cart. Ensure nothing is blocking the Sensor Cam's path to the screen surface.


A ceiling mount is included so that the Sensor Cam can be permanently affixed to the ceiling or ceiling-mounted projectors.


The Sensor Cam also comes with a tripod mount. Consider mounting the Sensor Cam onto any standard tripod.


The second consideration is making sure you have a good angle and distance between the screen surface and the Sensor Cam.

Minimal distance from your screen depends on screen size. Place the Sensor Cam according to the recommended distances in the chart below:


The Sensor Cam is best placed opposite the center of the screen at a straight-on angle. However, a straight-on angle is not required for acceptable operation, and the Sensor Cam may be placed at another angle if necessary. Please refer to the diagram on the right for placement zones according to accuracy quality.

Useful Tips

Before you start using the IW2, here’s some tips we thought would be useful to give you a head start.

  • No.1
    Use the Interactive Pen to control the computer and software applications

    The Interactive Pen can perform as a mouse both within the operating system and in many software applications. A variety of mouse controls are possible using these methods:

    • Left click: Tap the Pen tip onto the surface, or press the IPEVO button once.
    • Right click: Press and hold the tip onto the surface, or press and hold the IPEVO button. Hold for at least 2 seconds.
    • Double click: Quickly tap the tip onto the surface twice, or press the IPEVO button twice.
    • Click and drag: Press and hold the tip onto the surface, or press and hold the IPEVO button. While doing so, move the Pen to the desired spot.
  • No.2
    Ensure a clear line of sight

    Be careful not to block the Interactive Pen’s path to the Sensor Cam with your body.

  • No.3
    Remove interference

    Placing the Sensor Cam near a strong light source may affect its functionality. Make sure the Sensor Cam is not placed under any halogen lamp, direct sunlight, or infrared equipment.


  • How far can I place my computer away from the Sensor Cam?

    The effective range of communication between the Sensor Cam and the Wireless Receiver is 16 ft (5m). Any distance longer than this will affect IW2’s functionality.

  • Should I get an IW2 or IS-01?

    It depends on your needs and the particular space you're going to operating in. If you anticipate having issues with connecting a USB cable from your Sensor Cam to your computer, consider the wireless IW2. On the other hand, if you intend to use your device in a complicated wireless environment such as during expos or conventions where a stable connection is your top priority, choose the IS-01.

  • Will the IS-01 Interactive Pen work with the IW2 system?

    No, it will not as they are working on different Infrared frequencies.

  • Can I use IW2 with a TV or monitor instead of a projector?

    Yes you can, but please take note of the following while using:

    1. Some TVs/monitor screens are very delicate and fragile, thus are more prone to scratches and damage. If you choose to tap or swipe on your TV/monitor screen using the Pen, it might damage your TV/monitor screen. Please check with the vendor or the User Manual of your TV/monitor screen to see whether they are safe for use.
    2. We highly recommend using the IPEVO Button located on the Interactive Pen to perform mouse actions instead of tapping or swiping on your TV/monitor screen with the Pen.
    3. If your TV/monitor is not firmly mounted, it might move once you start tapping or swiping, throwing off the calibration. You need to run the calibration process again.
  • Can I use IW2 with a soft projection screen?

    Yes you can, but please take note of the following while using: Due to the nature of the soft projection screen, tapping or swiping on the screen with the Interactive Pen is not encouraged. Instead, we highly recommend using the IPEVO Button located on the Pen to perform mouse actions. Re-calibration may also be needed if calibration is accidentally thrown off by the swaying soft screen while in use.

  • Are there any alternative power sources for the Sensor Cam besides using a power outlet?

    Yes, you can either use a power bank or the built-in standard USB port of your projector to power the Sensor Cam, but do take note of the following: When using a power bank with an auto-shut off feature, the power bank will automatically turn off after a few seconds because the Sensor Cam's low electrical draw "tricks" the power bank into thinking it's not powering anything.

  • What is the minimal distance required between the screen and the Sensor Cam?

    The minimal distance required from your screen depends on the screen size. As long as the Sensor Cam can cover your whole screen, you are good to go. Please refer to the recommended distances below according to screen size.

  • I have downloaded and installed the latest IW Driver and Annotator software, yet I am still not able to use multiple pens on my IW2.

    Please check the serial number of your IW2. If the serial number falls between 131514WI00001 ~ 131514WI00100 or 131521WI00001~ 131521WI00500, please contact us at for assistance.

  • Can I use IS-01’s Interactive Pen as one of the multiple pens for IW2?

    No. The Interactive Pens of IS-01 and IW2 work on different Infrared frequencies.


IPEVO has a longstanding commitment to green business practices, and this extends to the environmental performance of our products.

Treatment Efficiency
Our IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System complies with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, and is manufactured, sold and disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

recycling:98.3% recovery:99.9%

Environmental Compliance
Check out the symbols printed on our packaging.

WEEE RoHS Recyclable

WEEE and RoHS Compliance Statement
Please find our WEEE and RoHS compliance statements as follows:
WEEE compliance statement (PDF)
link-RoHS compliance statement (PDF)

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