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IPEVO Whiteboard App for iPad
Model Number:  whiteboard 

The Intuitive Whiteboard App for iPad

The free IPEVO Whiteboard app turns your iPad into a portable, wireless whiteboard. Draw and annotate directly onto real-time video from your document camera or iPad's camera, onto a blank white canvas, or onto any image from your Photo Library.

Put the focus where it belongs

Whiteboard offers a simple and intuitive set of drawing and text tools. Add text boxes, shapes, and lines to emphasize key points of interest and highlight important parts of your image. Different colors and line thicknesses, undo and redo functions, a pointer tool, and a clear all function are right at your fingertips.

Choose the image you want to annotate

Multiple whiteboards ("boards") can be created and easily switched between, each using a different image as its background. Import photos from your Photo Library or take a picture with iPad's camera and use that snapshot directly. You can even draw on the real-time image feed from iPad's camera. Or, you can use the app as a true "whiteboard" and stick with the default white background.

Harness the power of your IPEVO document cam

When combined with the WS-01 Wireless Station and your IPEVO document camera (Point 2 View, Ziggi-HD or VZ-1 HD) , Whiteboard delivers a portable, wireless teaching tool using razor-sharp real-time images from your doc cam. Project and annotate text, artwork, diagrams, math equations, 3D objects and more. Teaching and presenting have never been this smart, effective, or fun.

Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera

Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera