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USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously

USB Super Charger

Model Number:  5-148-2-8001 


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Battle the "Not Enough Outlets" problem in your classroom. USB SuperCharger is a flexible, space-saving solution to charge up your iPad Classroom.

Charge Four iPads Simultaneously

The USB SuperCharger gives you the power (literally) to charge up to four iPads at the same time. And it's all possible with a single device using a single standard wall socket, leaving the other socket free for your other devices. Don't use cumbersome power strips, and don't hog up all your sockets. Get smarter power with the USB SuperCharger.

without USB SuperCharger with USB SuperCharger
Four Full 2.1A Charge Ports — No Compromises

Competing multi-port USB adapters often come with a catch. Sometimes only one port is rated for iPad charging, with the other ports only able to charge normal USB devices. And sometimes, 2.1 amps is spread through the whole device, meaning multiple iPads will only be charged very slowly. There are no charging compromises with the SuperCharger. Charge four iPads at the same time at the single-charge speed.

USB SuperCharger fully charges 4 iPads simultaneously. Within the same time frame, another brand's charger is only capable of recharging 48-63% of 3 iPads' batteries, with the fourth iPad left completely uncharged.

Charge 4 iPads at a time
  • - A full charge here meaning charging starts from 5% or lower to 100% battery.
  • - iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 4, and iPad air are the 4 iPads used for 4 iPad charging test. Actual time used to fully charge them on SuperCharger are: 5:00, 4:48, 6:08, and 5:16. Actual charging time for other brand: N/A, 10:07, 11:01, and 11:09.
  • - All 4 iPads are charged with screen off and Wi-Fi enabled.
Keep Your Students' iPads Charged During Class

1:1 iPad programs in schools are a promising new ed tech initiative, but they come with a charging challenge. With heavy use, iPads often can't get through the whole day, and if you or your students forget power adapters, you're sunk. But with the USB SuperCharger, you can turn any table into a 4-student charging station with plenty of power for your interactive curriculum. Charge multiple iPads while they're being used, or hook them up during breaks or between subjects. You won't have to worry about collecting iPads and recharging them for later classes, and you won't have to round up multiple power adapters. It's the easy way to keep the modern classroom moving.

USB SuperCharger keeps the lesson going

USB SuperCharger keeps the lesson going

The Group-Friendly Charger

Running low on juice during a meeting, presentation or lecture? The USB SuperCharger is perfect for conference rooms, seminars, lecture halls, and anywhere else a flexible power solution for iPad is needed. Simply set up the USB SuperCharger on your table or desk and everyone at the meeting can enjoy charging convenience for their devices without bringing an adapter. Plus, no more hunting for wall sockets!

USB SuperCharger is perfect for meetings

USB SuperCharger is perfect for meetings

The More Nimble, More Affordable Charging Station

Tens of iPads can be charged on conventional charging carts, but carts are bulky and costly, and there's usually only one per school to share. For teachers who keep only a few iPads on hand, reserving and using an entire charging cart just doesn't make sense. The USB SuperCharger is the smaller, more mobile version of the charging cart that's just right for the needs of a single classroom. It can be carried to any classroom, providing instant power for iPads getting low on batteries. And with just a shelf or some table space, the USB SuperCharger can act as a charging station all its own. A classroom's iPads can be kept organized and fully charged in a space-saving way. And best of all, USB SuperCharger costs much, much less than the charging cart.

Quick, No-Hassle Charging for iPad and All Your Devices

For times when you need a quick charge but you don't want to interrupt what you're doing, USB SuperCharger has the right design for you. All four of its charge ports face upwards, making it easy and convenient to charge your iPad in one swift motion. No more juggling your dying iPad as you try to plug in to an awkwardly-placed port. It's super simple to plug in (and unplug) with USB SuperCharger.

IPEVO USB SuperCharger
Other brand
Your Safety is Our Concern

IPEVO cares about the safety of our users. Overheating, shorts and surges pose real risks, and that's why USB SuperCharger is UL certified. UL certification is a widely recognized safety standard and an assurance of safety and quality. This certification is issued by the Underwriters Laboratories, a safety consulting and certification company approved to perform safety testing by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.

While providing 2.1 amps for each USB port, the USB SuperCharger conforms to both over-heat and over-current UL standards. Time after time, safe and reliable operation is guaranteed whether you're using one charge port or all four at the same time. With USB SuperCharger, you can charge with peace of mind.

Also Charge a Wide Range of USB Devices

Each SuperCharger port can charge any number of standard USB devices, including iPhone and other smartphones, iPod, portable speakers, Bluetooth headsets, cameras, and more. Everyone will have a use for the SuperCharger.

Note: USB SuperCharger will not charge USB devices with patented Quick Charge technology as rapidly as the factory charger. For these devices, which include several Android tablets and other devices, the USB SuperCharger can only provide standard USB charging. For Apple iPad tablets, charge speed occurs at a full 2.1 amps.

Portable SuperPower

The USB SuperCharger is small and portable enough to easily swap between tables or between rooms. You'll never be caught with a dead device!

Got multiple iPads? Don't settle for anything less than the USB SuperCharger — full, simultaneous 4-iPad charging from a single socket.

Charging 4 iPads
Simultaneously at
The Same Time

USB SuperCharger

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

How many Just 1 4
Where Set up in office or classroom; no need to carry around Must be carried around; easy to forget or misplace
Easy to use Uses only 1 outlet. No hunting for sockets, and everyone can charge from the same convenient source
Needs 4 outlets, which may be occupied by other devices or in hard-to-reach places

Price $59 $76 ($19 x 4 adapters)

  • Does SuperCharger come with the charging cables

    No, please use device's original cable or a certified cable (such as MFI certified) to ensure safety and best performance.

  • Is this compatible with different voltages? i.e. if I travel regularly, I don't want to worry about 110v vs 220v. Can you confirm?

    No, SuperCharger uses 100-120v, please refrain from using SuperCharger on 220v outlets.

  • What is the length of the cord?

    6.2 ft

Free up more iPads for group
  • Free up more iPads for group

  • My students were very happy to be able to charge more than a couple of iPads at one time. Now we are able to use multiple iPads in our classroom throughout the day without worrying about the batteries dying.

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The horrible cord mess is gone
  • The horrible cord mess is gone

  • Thank you! I had a horrible cord mess, and now it is gone thanks to my IPEVO SuperCarger!

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IPEVO made Schleier's wish a reality
  • IPEVO made Schleier's wish a reality

  • Thank you, IPEVO, for our USB SuperCharger! We are able to charge four iPads at once in our kindergarten classroom. We use our iPads daily so it it great to have them charged ready to go!

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Freeing up space on my powerstrip for other items
  • Freeing up space on my powerstrip for other items

  • Before having this, I only had room to charge 3 iPads on the powerstrip at a time. If I wanted to charge more, I had to spread them out throughout the room. Now I can charge a group of them in one spot, and still have room to spare on the powerstrip.

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Keep the iPads charged
  • Keep the iPads charged

  • My students are able to use them for centers, creating presentations, practicing skills, collaborating with me and their peers, and so much more. It is so easy to keep the ipads charged and the students always know where to put them back.

  • more

Charge the iPads while the students use them
  • Charge the iPads while the students use them

  • After using the iPads in the morning for Language Arts, several of our iPads needed charging before I could use them in the afternoon. Thanks to the SuperCharger, I was able to charge them while the students were using them

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Heavy duty with a long cord
  • Heavy duty with a long cord

  • Afternoon art classes with drained batteries from a tech rich day of learning? No problem. Only a couple usable outlets in an old classroom? Not a problem...thanks to IPEVO granting our wish with the x4 USB Super Charger! It is heavy duty with a long cord. Perfect.

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Gives students a
  • Gives students a

  • I have had my USB Supercharger for three days now ,and my students and I are loving it! It gives students a "docking station", where they can be responsible for keeping iPads charged.

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Every morning with freshly charged iPods
  • Every morning with freshly charged iPods

  • Prior to receiving this gift, my students often had to take turns on iPods when practicing math facts and other educational activites because they were not all charged.

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Improve the function of my classroom
  • Improve the function of my classroom

  • I didn't have an iPad charger and had to leave my classroom to charge my four iPads. With the USB SuperCharger I can charge my iPads in my room and students can continue to use them while they charge simultaneously.

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Great use during our grade level meeting
  • Great use during our grade level meeting

  • Our first grade team has already put it to great use during our grade level meeting - each classroom teacher could charge their iPad and continue to work during our meeting.

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Helps limit the number of cords strung
  • Helps limit the number of cords strung

  • I love combining the arts and technology for research, art applications and our on line portfolios and this SuperCharger helps limit the number of cords strung all over the art room.

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Power up our grade level's iPads
  • Power up our grade level's iPads

  • This time the USB SuperCharger came through just in time to power up our grade level's iPads so we can use them with our Guided Reading groups. Outlets are hard to come by in my classroom and this handy little device makes it so easy to charge the iPads any time, but especially when students are still using them.

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All ten iPads charging at once
  • All ten iPads charging at once

  • I got the charger today and am thrilled. All ten iPads charging at once and still able to use outlet for other electronic needs. Loved watching my students check out the technology and be excited.

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