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IPEVO Extension Wand for IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

IPEVO IS-01 extension wand

Model Number:  5-862-3-08-00 
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Added Length for your IS-01 Interactive Pen

The Extension Wand is a special add-on accessory for IPEVO's IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System, which turns most any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. The Extension Wand clips onto the end of the IS-01's Interactive Pen to provide more than a foot of added length, which is ideal for larger as well as higher screen surfaces. No interactive surface is too big or too high when you have the Extension Wand equipped.

Point and Present without Blocking the Screen

With the Extension Wand, you can avoid blocking your audience's view with your own arm or body. The generous added length will allow you to point and present while standing off to the side of the screen, thus maintaining a clear view of the teaching material for everyone to see. You'll also avoid potentially blocking the IS-01 Sensor Cam, which needs a clear view to receive and correctly interpret signals from the Interactive Pen.

Nearly 16 Inches of Added Length for All Your Presentations

As a solid, one-piece extender, the Extension Wand increases the effective length of the IS-01 Interactive Pen from 7.9" (20cm) to 23.8" (60.5cm). That's almost 16 extra inches to tackle even the highest and largest screen surfaces. And because of the wand's lightweight yet durable aluminum construction, you'll be able to move the wand safely and easily. Operate the wand with confidence and without the risk of arm fatigue, even after long sessions.

Effortless Snap-on, Snap-Off Installation

You won't find any screws, bolts, levers, or other unnecessary and troublesome attachments on the Extension Wand. You simply snap the wand's center peg into the hole on the end of the Interactive Pen. The wand will stay firmly in place without loosening or jiggling. When you're done, remove the wand with a gentle pull. Use it only when you need it, and store the thin wand most anywhere in the meantime.

Great for Students as well

The Extension Wand isn't just for teachers. It's also a perfect fit for shorter students. Give everyone a chance to interact with teaching material, even those who can't quite reach the board with the Interactive Pen alone. With the Extension Wand equipped, all your students can actively participate in the lesson without straining to reach and without blocking the board for everyone else.

Take advantage of the convenience and versatility of a longer Interactive Pen with the Extension Wand for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System.

*Note: The Extension Wand is an accessory for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System, which is sold separately.

IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System

IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System


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