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6-Port USB SuperCharger 6-Port USB SuperCharger 6-Port USB SuperCharger


Model Number:  5-869-2-08-00 


The battle for outlets is over. See how the 6-Port SuperCharger can put a charge into your iPad classroom with its combination of power, versatility, and smart design.

Charge Six iPads at Once!

If you need to charge up to six iPads simultaneously but you don't want to compromise on charge time, there's only one product that delivers: the IPEVO 72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger. Charge up to an incredible six iPads at once, lightning-fast and all with just a single electrical outlet. The 6-Port USB SuperCharger offers all the convenience and none of the compromises.


Pure Power –Just Do the Math

Each of the SuperCharger's 6 USB ports are rated at 2.4 amps and 5 volts for a total of 72 watts of total power. This massive wattage means you'll be able to charge 6 iPads (or most any other device which charges via USB) at the same time and at the same charge speed as the original factory power adapter. Competing chargers often spread 2.4 amps over multiple ports, resulting in less power for each iPad and a significantly slower charge. You won't experience any such slowdown with the 6-Port SuperCharger. And better yet, all of this power is possible via a single electrical outlet, cutting down on the clutter and freeing up other sockets.

To help illustrate just how much power is packed into the 6-Port USB SuperCharger, here's how it stacks up against Apple's original charger as well as a competing charger:

As you can see, the SuperCharger exactly matches the wattage (12W) and amps (2.4A) of Apple's original charger... per each port. Multiply that by 6 ports for a seriously impressive 72 watts of total power.

The Perfect Charging Companion for Your Classroom

As iPads become more common in K-12 education through initiatives like 1:1 iPad programs, multiple quick charges become essential in keeping the lesson going. The 6-Port SuperCharger gives you an instant charging station to keep spare iPads charging throughout the day, or to charge iPads during breaks. You can also turn any table into a 6-charger station for students to plug into while using their iPads. Educators have enough things to worry about – don't let charging be one of them! The lesson never stops when the 6-Port SuperCharger is on the job.

Got a Group? You've Got a Group Charging Solution

From conference rooms to conference halls and everything in between, the 6-Port SuperCharger is ready to tackle all your group charging needs. No one at the meeting, lecture or presentation ever has to go without power again, and no one will have to hunt for a wall socket for their juice. The 6-Port SuperCharger provides a versatile central charging station no matter the venue or situation.

SuperQuick and SuperEasy

The 6 ports of the SuperCharger are staggered and face-up for the simplest and easiest way to plug in (and unplug) multiple devices. And the sturdy weighted base prevents sliding or tip-overs. The SuperCharger does one thing – charge all your devices – and it does it well! No overcomplications, and no awkwardly-positioned ports.

UL Certified for Your Safety

Safety is always our number one concern, and that's why the 6-Port SuperCharger has been rigorously tested and certified by the Underwriter Laboratories. UL certification is the consumer's assurance of safety and quality, and it means that the SuperCharger conforms to current UL standards for both heat and current. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your charging is always safe, whether it's one iPad or all six.

The Superior Alternative to Charge Carts

iPad charge carts rarely make sense for all but the largest of groups. Carts are simply too large and too expensive. And because of their high cost, most organizations can only afford one and have to share it. The 6-Port SuperCharger is just a better choice, with a much lower price and much higher portability. Why lug around a single bulky charge cart when you can have multiple mobile charging stations?

iPads Are Just the Start – Charge All Your Devices

The 6-Port SuperCharger is designed for the extra power needs of iPads, but don't worry – all your other USB devices can be charged just as easily, including smartphones, iPods, portable speakers, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and more. SuperCharger is ready to power your entire digital army.

Note: USB SuperCharger will not charge USB devices with patented Quick Charge technology as rapidly as the factory charger. For these devices, which include several Android tablets and other devices, the USB SuperCharger can only provide standard USB charging. For Apple iPad tablets, charge speed occurs at a full 2.4 amps.

Choose Where and How You Power

Swap the 6-Port SuperCharger between tables, classrooms, or office spaces. And because the SuperCharger features a common 100-240 volt AC input voltage, you can use it most anywhere. Dead devices will be a thing of the past.

Six iPads is too much for the other chargers, but it's not too much for the 72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger. Power, versatility, convenience, and speed – you get it all, and at a very affordable price.

  • Does SuperCharger come with charging cables included?

    No. Please use your device's original cable or another certified cable (such as MFI certified) to ensure safety and best performance.

  • What is the length of the power cord?

    6 ft

  • How can I check the SuperCharger's UL certification?

    Visit the official UL website at, enter "E360767" (the 6-Port SuperCharger's identification number) in the UL File Number box, and click Search. If you click on the "Link to File" link, you'll see "72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger, Model (s) CDRU-01IP" listed on the certification page.

    UL is factory-based as opposed to brand-based for its certification, so you won't see the IPEVO name. This is the same with other companies' products such as the original Apple Adapter. For example, search UL File Number E132068 (the Apple adapter) and you'll see the factory name listed rather than Apple's name.

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USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously

USB SuperCharger - Charge 4 iPads Simultaneously