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48-Foot VGA Cable
48-foot VGA Cable
Model Number:  5-138-2-8005 
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48 foot VGA Cable
All the Length You'll Need for Your VGA Setup

Frustrated with not having enough cable for your VGA projector or monitor setup? The 48-Foot VGA Cable solves your length problems in classrooms, offices, and more. An extremely generous 48-feet (15 meters) cable gives you the freedom to place your devices exactly where you need them.

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Great Companion for the VZ-1 HD Doc Cam

IPEVO's VZ-1 HD Document Camera offers dual-mode convenience with both VGA and USB connections, and now you have a way to make your camera even more versatile. Hook the 48-Foot VGA Cable to VZ-1 HD and take the camera to any desk in the classroom. Bring teaching material closer to your students without ever having to worry about running out of cord.

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Premium Construction for the Best Visual Experience

The 48-Foot VGA Cable is constructed with premium-grade materials so the video is never second-best. Premium UL 2919 Listed Coaxial Type Cable supports the highest video resolutions your device is capable of. And a special double-shielding prevents disruptive signal interference. No matter what your resolution, you'll enjoy a superior signal transmission.

DDC1 and DDC2 Support for Hassle-Free Setups

Don't struggle with resolution settings; let the technology do it for you! Because the 48-Foot VGA cable supports VGA VESA DDC1 and DDC2 standards, your devices will auto-detect the optimal video resolution. Expect the best from your setup right out of the box.

auto-detect the optimal video resolution
Male to Male Connectors — No Converters Necessary

Standard 15-pin male to 15-pin male connectors allow you to simply plug your cable into the VGA ports of your devices and start operation. You won't have to make a special trip to the electronics store to purchase any male-to-female converters. This cable is all you need.

Standard 15-pin male to 15-pin male connectors

When it comes to VGA cables, "not quite enough" is simply not good enough. Go big with the 48-Foot VGA Cable. Problem solved!

VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera

VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera